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The main elements of the “pet privy to be used in private houses and public areas” are a frame, a grid and a tank. When a pet needs to do its business, it must simply go onto the grid and pee. The liquid drains through the grid into a removable tank, where it is collected and then disposed of by throwing it into the toilet bowl at home or the public sewage system outdoors. 

The main advantage of this object is that a pet can urinate whenever it feels the need to and not just at fixed times, which undoubtedly benefits the health of its urinary system.

Moreover, the house is also healthier and cleaner, and so is the environment, because most of what the animal voids is disposed of at home instead of soiling public places.

The article can also be used at home for pet bathing, because the tank can collect any kind of liquid (water, detergents and so on). The object in its version for private houses is fixed to the wall for stability and revolves round a pin on the frame, so that it can be closed and secured to the wall with a hook. It can also be closed, removed and taken away as a briefcase.


Veronica Pivetti e Johannes Brandrup  nella serie Tv "La Ladra" (Rai 1)





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